Neurohacker Collective | case study

How Neurohacker Collective Nailed their Messaging & Increased Sales with Wunderkind


higher loyalty than other industry products


started working with Wunderkind


Neurohacker Collective formed


The strategies and insights that the Wunderkind team continues to bring to the table and opportunities to innovate our channel has been amazing and has really contributed to the growth of the business.”


Neurohacker Collective were bringing lots of high-quality traffic to their site, but they were struggling to identify it, capture it, and trigger contextually relevant messages. Enter Wunderkind.


Wunderkind’s identity network was able to capture website traffic and then with email and text, optimize messaging strategies to serve the right message at the right time to maximize sales conversions.


Lauren Alexander said: “It’s my job to grow revenue for the company. And what’s great about Wunderkind’s technology is they really have the science down to serving up the correct message in a behavioral and a personal way to maximize conversions and revenue for my company.”